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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Our Hellish Reading Period is Open Until August 31, 2019

Art: Catt Colborn: From the Deep Blackhole We Arise!
Hello Pit!

Just a hellish reminder that 2019 reading period is OPEN until the end of August, and we are running with the Creatures from the Deep theme (because of last year's hiatus and technical problems), plus any of your vices that you naughty writers like to keep throwing at Minos for some reason. He is rising up from hiatus too and he hasn't had ice coffee yet. He is actually mad that it was hotter in Philly than in Florida (and in the Inferno itself) last week, so please beware! He might be a little feisty at what level he wants to put your submission in (if it doesn't go in the bucket icon in the mail). You tell him where you think it belongs. Don't let him boss you around!

Can't say I'm not curious...will you write the WRATH piece finally? The RAGE? The LUST? Hmmm. Can't wait to see.

I was busy promoting my awesome yeti-man book for a year, Weekly Furapy, available on Amazon or through Bizarro Pulp Press, an imprint of JournalStone Publishing. I posted but I understand the disappointed emails about going on hiatus. It had been a while since I took some time out, so please forgive me. Weekly Furapy is pretty fun and well...

It is pretty...well...UMMmm, different...
...but if you are a friend of PFI you probably know we are all a lot DIFFERENT around here and proud of it!

Get your copy if you have not already. I am super-psyched to get the next issue out. So drop in anything under a thousand words and please don't forget pics and artwork. I am still thinking about cover. It MUST be THEME related, so if you are dabbling, think Creatures of the Deep. If nothing comes in the mail for cover, I get creative and dust off the ol' camera and so does Shawn, Minos, and Jess. I should get an intern, but I better stay focused on this and getting an agent for my next horror book. Shhh-more on that later. Drop me a line in the comments of what you've been writing below or in your subs. I am interested.

Art: CATT C. "Creatures from the DEEP, DEEP, WATER!"

I am really enjoying the current submissions from 2019 and some back submissions that happened when the site went down in the end of 2018. So if you fall into that category and still want in, I guess I will hear when I write you back. Working with blogs, especially this one, for over eight years (plus) now; you're bound to run into a few kinks here and there. Especially, when you are out promoting a novel and working Philadelphia Writers' Conference 2019 and have no idea that the blog site put the webpage on hold because no one has signed into the admin dashboard for a while. I was furious when I went to this site that I just paid to renew (with our paid name) and it was kaput! I'm sure you know what I mean.

RAGE, RAGE, RAGE, RIGHT? We are in the right place for that!

Okay, well I am going to get back to horror and submissions now. Keep killing those lil' monsters, friends. We love throwing them into the pit. Our hell is reopened.


Friday, November 9, 2018

Catt Colborn is Putting Yeti in Christmas Stockings Everywhere! Don't Miss out on the Fun, Flying off of Bookstores' Shelves!

Did you know there is nothing more snugly than a friendly yeti? No, scratch that. Nothing is more snugly than a friendly yeti in a fuzzy Christmas stocking. My novella is a short and sweet yeti tale that takes the reader into the wilds of our own (and more) obsessive minds. Before you buy a bunch of stuff from rich celebrities for the holidays, think about supporting the artists that you already know. We really need you. 

More importantly, I just wanted to reach out to our readers in November and say:
Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


 Two weeks ago, PFI creator, Cathy T. Colborn, finally emerged from her two years of creative hiatus, and delivered to the world an amazing weird fiction that seemed to come out of nowhere. Just when we thought PFI and a slew of other creative ventures were over, Catt Colborn surprises us all at PFI and her readers, with an underlying message: "What others call our shortcomings, they're still a part of us, and we shouldn't let anyone just look passed us, we want to be taken seriously." Reviewers are giving it five stars and putting it up to the likes of Fight Club, where weird fiction crosses into the realm of a moral on mental health awareness. Here's a bit of a summary without spoilers:

The main character, Jack, suffers from OCDs, panic attacks, paranoia and more. To the same tune, the female protagonist, Jack's love interest (that he's just not ready to deal with quite yet), Cassie, is suffering from PTSD and panic attacks from being held up at gunpoint. Together, the two would make a lovely couple, but first they have to deal with their horrifying pasts and trying to make it through their day-to-day---somewhere out to a happy place. Jack finds comfort in the oddest of places, the Yeti costume that Cassie sells to him...from there, it goes to other settings I can't even describe. You should experience them firsthand yourself. It is the only way to find out the hows, the whats, the wheres, and the whys, there is no other way to write about it here, without spoiling it for you...


Just get the book---what are you waiting for? 

 Here is the back cover by artist, Matthew Revert, giving us the teaser that Catt Colborn and Bizarro Pulp Press (an imprint of Journalstone Publishing) has delightfully chosen for us:


Not to mention, I don't foresee anyone coming across these covers, passing up a novella, with the yeti face and lumbering arms, surrounded by sex toys on it.

Speaking of which, may deter some people upon first glances, as well as the second chapter, but then seeing how Colborn goes all in on the protagonist, you soon understand that authors are just writing what a character tells them: who they are and what they want us to know.

When I asked Colborn to comment on this cover, along with my initial thoughts, this is what she had to say:

"It really isn't about XXX sex in the end (and maybe not even in the middle) but you have to read to find out how it got to that point, and where it can go in both the trials and tribulations of Jack and Cassie, and in their resulting chapters, to find the happy ending or the happy for now, or the nothing changes at all."

 I also asked Colborn about how she came up with the initial premise:

"I grew up around family and friends that I saw struggling through their day-to-day tasks. Being a childhood cancer survivor, I found myself doing some of their small rituals, to try and possibly stop more ill things from happening to me. I never was formally diagnosed with any of my issues, and I do not do rituals now, resulting from myself NEVER succeeding at stopping any bad things from happening in my life. But I do need breaks from overstimulating settings, and I have found escapes when going to comic cons and wearing costumes. I'm not saying that this subject is not to be taken seriously (actually quite the opposite). I am trying to start a conversation the only way I know how, by being creative and drawing people into the timely subject---without preaching and letting them see it first hand."

Well, there you have it PFI followers, fellow authors, and blog passerby, like I said, there is nothing more we can give you on the PFI blog without spoiling it all for you SO:

What are you waiting for? Click on the Amazon link and get your copy of WEEKLY FURAPY, by Cathy T. Colborn today! Please leave a review afterwards on Amazon and Goodreads.



 -Minos and the PFI Team

 P.S. Look for us to start catching up on submissions. Please "Stop" on the old theme, and we will choose, if not add, another theme to the mix. Look for the evolution of PFI to Vlog, Podcast, and Audible Submission contests in the future. 

We are always working to update your hell. 


Thanks for stopping by,


Friday, August 4, 2017

Extending Subs Until End of August!

We are keeping the submission period open until the end of August. Publishing in September/October. Keep on sending us your tales, until we publish stop in the blog!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Pit is Now Open! Summer 2017 Theme: Sand and Sea: Things From The Deep

Lord Cthulhu on a Grenade Break on Bourbon,Catt Colborn


It is getting warmer here on the East Coast, and we want to get things cooking on the page. We love that it is time to get out our pens, pencils, iPads, puters, and pamphlets and start scratching. By the end, which we are in no rush for, we want to see what you have baked. 

Speaking of which, let's speak more about the seasonal theme.

Some of us at PFI, love Lovecraft. Some of us love soaking in the sea. Some of us do not find anything savvy about the sand and being buried. It leaves us all to imagine: What is waiting in the deep-dark-deep of surf and sand? What is waiting to grab at our feet, reel us in, and scare us to death?

Your guidelines are the same as with our ongoing theme: Nothing over 1000 words (but you can submit up to three stories or poems or interviews with that count). You can submit up to three photos or pieces of art in any medium (You must stick to the themes mentioned). 

We feel you have a ton of ideas with the 7 deadlies, but note that the seasonal theme on the blog (Sand and Sea: Things from the Deep), is what is considered for the featured artist prize. The token is usually 25 dollars or more, considering what we get from the kindness of donations throughout the year. Some donate it back to PFI and some enjoy it (we run on love, hate, and donations here. No one gets paid). Either way, we are as happy as people in a pit can be for you. Yay. No one will treat you differently for your free will...

Ughhh---Minos is nudging me, telling me to tell you, he will treat you differently, for using your free will, if you do not follow our guidelines and rules in our sidebar (he doesn't care much for money). See the pleadings to Minos. He is a big deal around here (people mention him more than I, in emails, the frikin' creator)!

Anyhow, I am Catt, and I am officially ringing the bell to reanimate this City of Char(n);)Ding!

Friendly reminder: I will be teaching a Master Class in Flash Fiction at Philadelphia Writers' Conference, June 10th and 11th (the 9th has many wonderful people also. See my last post and visit their website for more details. Also, many thanks to past contributors and friend/enemies that visited me at AWP2017!

Have a Happy Summer,


P.S. Subs close in August(extended until we publish STOP in Blog). We print a proof in August. This does not mean you will receive your magazine instantaneously in August, people! Great creations take time. I usually do not receive my other lit journals for six months. I think we do pretty good at start to finish rates. Please do not personally email me a 100 times. I have been writing for 40 years (that's right...from birth, haha)! I do not know of many publishers that put up with that business.

Thanks and carry on... 


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Master Flash Fiction Class with PFI's Cathy T.Colborn @ Philadelphia Writers' Conference June 10th and 11th

Are you a flash fiction writer who wants to up their game? Need the sass from our Philly Inferno creator and wish she could sit next to you and spice up your very short fiction? Well, wish no more! June 9th-11th 2017 the wonderful world known as Philadelphia Writers' Conference will be coming to Center City, Philly...


Guess who is going to be teaching a Master Flash Fiction Class on two of those days? That's right, Catt! The Master Flash Class runs on June tenth and eleventh, and is limited to the first ten conference-goers, who pay and sign up (Please visit PWC's site today and keep visiting until they have everything you need to know about master classes and more). Cathy Colborn will fill your two, ninety-minute classes, with her three key formula for making your very short fiction standout wonderful.

MINOS wants to know what you are waiting for? 
Stop staring at Catt's website and Minos' cool tail and get to signing up for Cathy T. Colborn's class today!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Small Preview of PFI 2016--Full Edited Mag for Sale Through Link Below

We are very pleased with the beautiful final layout of our 2016 issue (note that preview does not represent proper layout or completed stories). It may take a day or two until we purchase our first copies (tomorrow) for the kinks in the links to register, but purchase price is ten dollars plus shipping (with proceeds returning to PFI for future contributor prizes, copies, and promotions. Please be patient if you are trying to immediately purchase our lit journal and this happens (or please let us know if it goes through swimmingly). We appreciate the positive more than things that are currently out of our hands through our publishing house. Note that PFI Contributors receive one free copy mailed to the address we receive at If you are a contributor and have not sent us your address, now is the time, and we thank you once again for a job well done. This is mentioned several times on our page and during the process through emails, so hopefully any copies you buy are intended for your mates or to pass on at your literary readings/tables/events to share our PFI hell/love. Your friends can purchase through the link as well and have it shipped to their door. Blurb is good like that. Now some writing tips on how you can catch our or other editors' attention in the next slush pile... For PFI: Keep visiting us here to see what our next seasonal topic and prize-winning flash prompt will be. We take your submissions on a rolling basis, but unfortunately, reading periods are at the end of Spring and end of Fall. It may take us time to get to your submission, so please be patient. We do not mind one email during the layout process if we pass a due date or something, but be conservative about reminders. We probably know we are running behind, believe me. For PFI or for submitting in general: It is proper writing etiquette to query a publisher after 4-6 months on the progress of your submission. Another little thing that we have collectively learned, is that publishers are people to, yet they do not want to be addressed or chatted up on social media every day about your sub or constantly personally emailed. It is best to keep things semi-professional. Although we are super fun and open-minded about our content and chatting you up at events, we treat our work very seriously and so should you. Other publishers may not be as laid-back and may be turned off by constant personal emails, social media chats, and such. Art takes time. Some mags and online journals take six months to a year for a magazine issue to come to completion. Holiday issues are something publishers take subs well in advance and may take up to the last minute to physically produce. Just some helpful tips because we care about writing and all over success for writers. Happy holidays and stuff those stockings with PFI 2016 issues! Our Hell is Always Open, Catt and the PFI TEAM. Available at Through Philly Flash Inferno Store