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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sub Update for Cemeteries, Crypts, and Creepy Places: Needs!

NEED FOR NEXT ISSUE: Section door is open!

We are astounded by the creativity that is flooding our inbox, but we are lacking in quality longer pieces that are 800-1000 words. We would like to find an author that can submit a few of these longer stories and let us pick two for our FULL BLAZE section. Congrats if you have been accepted to POETRY PYRE and FLASH FIRE (not saying if once of those beauties comes across our desk again, we won't snatch it up and add it to the mix)! Thank you to our artists and photographers who have given us their creepiest viewpoints of our current theme. Can't wait to share with our groupies.

With that being said, we will not compromise on quality. So bring us your best on cemeteries, crypts, and creepy places. Accent on best. Please continue to follow our guidelines. No exceptions.

We are counting on you. Tell a friend! Check back for updates. Once we receive a few longer pieces, we will update and tease on the production of our next Ten Dolla' Dreadful.

Catt, Minos and PFI Staff.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Philly Flash Inferno: Call for Poetry, Flash, and Short Submissions with the Theme of Cemeteries, Crypts, and Creepy Places

Requirements for our next zine: 

 Submissions must follow guidelines found in our header. Please view our first issues in our sidebar section, Blog Archives to see what we hate to love. Finally, your story must take place in a cemetery, crypt, or creepy place. We also thought it would be cool to give you the first line, to see who is paying attention to this blog and wants to win our Featured Artist Prize of fifty dollars:

"I was on my way to visit Father, when..."

 Here is what inspired the theme and opening line:

We are hoping your line thereafter will hook us in and keep us reading onwards.
"Father" does not have to necessarily be dead, maybe that is a friend's last name, or your dead pet, or a marker. We, in Inferno are praying to Minos that you will be creative.

Speaking of him, any nods to any rings in the pit will probably make Minos smile, wrap his tail around your tale, and drop you into the accepted pile.

Remember: We are a small zine on purpose. We pay a small stipend to the winner and then give free copies to the contributors. We also have the word "FLASH" in our name, so please take this to heart and soul. We want more than vignettes or moments, we want a full hero/antihero circle in under 1000 words.
Are you up for the challenge?

Send all completed requirements and submissions to: 

Catt, Minos, and the PFI Crew

P.S. We will keep taking submissions until we post an update with the word STOP. If we are lacking in any section or can't find an artist to capture our cover and section pages, we will post a call for HELP. Please pass the word and keep our little cult mag of five years going strong!
See you at the Comic Cons. -CC

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PFI Open for Submissions! New Theme for Halloween: Monster Mashups

Hey, this is Catt, PFI Creator. I am sitting here at my writing desk after a hiatus from promoting my Steampunk novel, and I am thinking about how much I missed our little hot pot of an inferno while I was absent. I can't stay away and hope you can't either. I have to mention that working with the wonderful Steampunk World's Fair creators was an awesome experience. The attendees were great! I get so excited meeting all of you (and even more so when you are dressed up and having fun). Costumes were amazing. Weapons were amazing. PFI and Madame Lola sales...marvelously amazing. Let's cut to the good meat... I want the old time feel of a good horror story. H.P. Lovecraft and the likes. Surprise us here at Philly Flash Inferno. We need this, but we need it new. Your story. Rip it from your little beating chest, stomp on it, put it in a blender, add some spice, and mash that monster-sucker sideways. You can be creative and mix the story with a new theme, but the story has to feel like it is being told through an old time horror voice.
MONSTER MASHUP! Are you hearing me, my little devils? Whatever that means to you...BUT... Rules for Submissions 1) Go to top of this page and take a moment to memorize the guidelines. 2) Go to the sidebar of this page and see what is inappropriate EVEN for OUR Inferno. 3) Go to the archives on this page, bottom sidebar, and click on the issues of long ago, when we were solely online and not in Print/PDF. This will give you creative examples of the golden tickets to our pit. 4) Create your Monster Mashup or Seven Deadlies or Redemption stories. 5) Check all of the above to make sure it applies. 666) Check ten more times to make sure all of the above applies. 7) Submit to with a bio pic (good quality) and bio attached. 8) Be kind and add a nice note and not just a bunch of attachments: Example: "Hello, I am such and such, this is why I think I would be a good fit to drop in your pit. My story, blah, blah, blah is about being brief...and not kidding...and if I had to pick a ring of hell...not kidding again about being it is, oh, gracious Minos, Dark Lord of the Philly Flash Hell. Signed, X."
Go forth and create! I am anxious to see what we hate to love and love to hate. Much Love, Cathy T. Colborn and PFI Crew. *****KEEP SENDING SUBS UNTIL WE POST "STOP"***** P.S. One author copy per accepted submission and a chance to be a Featured Artist/Author for a fifty-dollar stipend chosen by the PFI Editing Team. Bad Luck!-CC

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Our Winter 2014-15 Issue of PFI is Available for Purchase

Philly Flash Inferno thanks you for five wonderful years of keeping our pit full of horror! We couldn't do it without your hundreds of views per week on our blog and purchases of our lil' slice of hell on Blurb (delivered right to your door or device).

Below is a preview to our latest addition: Ten Dolla Dreadful: Philly Twisted Fairy Tales and Fables, Seasonal Theme. We are trying to keep your flash fast and fun. Please stay tuned to our blog for details about our next seasonal theme. As always, if you have a completed collection of flash, poetry, pics, artwork, or short interviews with our ongoing theme of the seven deadlies or redemption, you send them promptly! We will take the guilt off your human souls if Minos loves them. He will pick your circle of hell and send you a note. Please visit online examples (free) of our first issues in the "archives" in the sidebar to the right. You will also find helpful submission guidelines in our "Burning Questions for Minos" section. It is everything we hate to love.
Go forth below, preview the example, and buy the full mag (your money goes right back into our little cult classic and makes our featured artists smile).
Go now...

Support your local artists!
Catt, Minos, and the PFI Team

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Come Like PFI's Own, Catt Colborn, and her novel's page, Madame Lola.

Please like this Facebook page:

Stay tuned for more events for Philly Flash Inferno in the New Year!
Our next issue will be available for December. We are waiting for some spectacular art submissions, so keep them coming!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Free book and promotional items giveaway from PFI's own, Cathy T. Colborn and Madame Lola!

Hi PFI readers! I thought I would pass this info along because I am very thankful to my PFI readers for opening doors to other writing opportunities for me. And hey...a free copy of my new book with goodies and free shipping...get on that now! Try your luck. There are only three packages to giveaway via a pool on Goodreads. Enter at the link below, pass the word to your friends, and good luck. Our next issue of PFI will be up late November or early December.
Take care,