Catt Colborn's Favorite Way to Collect Her Short Fictions Drops Again from Deep Space: Short Flashes Weaved Through a Longer Short Fiction Piece, Called "Journey to Ishtar Terra and Other Tales"



We have been hearing for a few years, after the many losses the author had suffered, through the height of the pandemic, and pouring of her soul into Polygon #29, about a quieter, small bite, cosmic horror proof, sitting on her shelf. We heard horror voices from beyond, whispering near the settling dust, that the tiny book with deep internal travels, would be set up much like Small Bites out a few Halloweens ago. Then, totally out of space, on Monday of last week, an update hit our PFI gmail, "A 154 page short read, with a hovering woman, encased in a starry beam, floating above a sea--with a planet in the background, landed on Catt Colborn's Amazon page." The book comes free in Kindle unlimited, 6.99 US (Kindle purchase), or 13.99 US, softcover).

I had to dive in right away.

Initial thoughts: Blown away. What can I say? It was quiet in the fact that it is less about the battles and more about the internal struggles the "enemies to friends" share in small confessionals, as they star date diaries or last notes at crossroads in their lives from their passions gone wrong. The fact that they were just choosing a happy path, and invasions hit again, and for some women, abduction, begins hurling them not only into deep space, but deep longing, away from fleshing out their new lives (and in their new skins).

I spoke to Catt at the end of last year, unfortunately, we email and virtually work on crafting "teams," more than we'd like, from when a two-to-four time-a-year flash magazine (with hundreds of submissions coming in every week), happened back in Phillyflashinferno. But rest assured, now that some of the tornadoes, hurricanes, and viruses have calmed for her in Florida; we will be working hard on getting our backlogs filled of our promised releases and scope resources for a PFI anthology. We want to make this site, with views from all over the world each week, do the job it was meant to do, by putting amazing flash fiction (that can also go the distance in longer themes) into your hands or on your screens.

The team will be posting a few times more with covers and promos this week, so I think I will keep it here for now. And maybe get up the promo followers have missed on X and Instagram. Catt and PFI are no longer on FB, it caused her a lot of stress and triggers, after her losses and people putting her in a box (we all know how that is with complete strangers that know nothing of your past). 

In a way, I am glad we took a year, because we have middle grade horror out from 2022, and now, Cosmic Horror. Easter Egg: There's a Kindle Vella up with free episodes of what KittCatt of Horror was working on whilst having writer's block on the novelette! You are so welcome👏👏👏

Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from writers, artists, and fans in the comments, instead of bots from quiet slip-ins while we're gone. 🤣🤣🤣

Minos (and the PFI Team).