The Pit is Now Open! Summer 2017 Theme: Sand and Sea: Things From The Deep

Lord Cthulhu on a Grenade Break on Bourbon,Catt Colborn


It is getting warmer here on the East Coast, and we want to get things cooking on the page. We love that it is time to get out our pens, pencils, iPads, puters, and pamphlets and start scratching. By the end, which we are in no rush for, we want to see what you have baked. 

Speaking of which, let's speak more about the seasonal theme.

Some of us at PFI, love Lovecraft. Some of us love soaking in the sea. Some of us do not find anything savvy about the sand and being buried. It leaves us all to imagine: What is waiting in the deep-dark-deep of surf and sand? What is waiting to grab at our feet, reel us in, and scare us to death?

Your guidelines are the same as with our ongoing theme: Nothing over 1000 words (but you can submit up to three stories or poems or interviews with that count). You can submit up to three photos or pieces of art in any medium (You must stick to the themes mentioned). 

We feel you have a ton of ideas with the 7 deadlies, but note that the seasonal theme on the blog (Sand and Sea: Things from the Deep), is what is considered for the featured artist prize. The token is usually 25 dollars or more, considering what we get from the kindness of donations throughout the year. Some donate it back to PFI and some enjoy it (we run on love, hate, and donations here. No one gets paid). Either way, we are as happy as people in a pit can be for you. Yay. No one will treat you differently for your free will...

Ughhh---Minos is nudging me, telling me to tell you, he will treat you differently, for using your free will, if you do not follow our guidelines and rules in our sidebar (he doesn't care much for money). See the pleadings to Minos. He is a big deal around here (people mention him more than I, in emails, the frikin' creator)!

Anyhow, I am Catt, and I am officially ringing the bell to reanimate this City of Char(n);)Ding!

Friendly reminder: I will be teaching a Master Class in Flash Fiction at Philadelphia Writers' Conference, June 10th and 11th (the 9th has many wonderful people also. See my last post and visit their website for more details. Also, many thanks to past contributors and friend/enemies that visited me at AWP2017!

Have a Happy Summer,


P.S. Subs close in August(extended until we publish STOP in Blog). We print a proof in August. This does not mean you will receive your magazine instantaneously in August, people! Great creations take time. I usually do not receive my other lit journals for six months. I think we do pretty good at start to finish rates. Please do not personally email me a 100 times. I have been writing for 40 years (that's right...from birth, haha)! I do not know of many publishers that put up with that business.

Thanks and carry on...