Master Flash Fiction Class with PFI's Cathy T.Colborn @ Philadelphia Writers' Conference June 10th and 11th

Are you a flash fiction writer who wants to up their game? Need the sass from our Philly Inferno creator and wish she could sit next to you and spice up your very short fiction? Well, wish no more! June 9th-11th 2017 the wonderful world known as Philadelphia Writers' Conference will be coming to Center City, Philly...


Guess who is going to be teaching a Master Flash Fiction Class on two of those days? That's right, Catt! The Master Flash Class runs on June tenth and eleventh, and is limited to the first ten conference-goers, who pay and sign up (Please visit PWC's site today and keep visiting until they have everything you need to know about master classes and more). Cathy Colborn will fill your two, ninety-minute classes, with her three key formula for making your very short fiction standout wonderful.

MINOS wants to know what you are waiting for? 
Stop staring at Catt's website and Minos' cool tail and get to signing up for Cathy T. Colborn's class today!