Philly Flash Inferno: Call for Poetry, Flash, and Short Submissions with the Theme of Cemeteries, Crypts, and Creepy Places

Requirements for our next zine: 

 Submissions must follow guidelines found in our header. Please view our first issues in our sidebar section, Blog Archives to see what we hate to love. Finally, your story must take place in a cemetery, crypt, or creepy place. We also thought it would be cool to give you the first line, to see who is paying attention to this blog and wants to win our Featured Artist Prize of 25 dollars (more than one prize may be given at publisher's discretion: Example: First prize and second prize check plus contributor copy each. Here is the first line to be considered:

"I was on my way to visit Father, when..."

 Here is what inspired the theme and opening line:

We are hoping your line thereafter will hook us in and keep us reading onwards.
"Father" does not have to necessarily be dead, maybe that is a friend's last name, or your dead pet, or a marker. We, in Inferno are praying to Minos that you will be creative.

Speaking of him, any nods to any rings in the pit will probably make Minos smile, wrap his tail around your tale, and drop you into the accepted pile.

Remember: We are a small zine on purpose. We pay a small stipend to the winner and then give free copies to the contributors. We also have the word "FLASH" in our name, so please take this to heart and soul. We want more than vignettes or moments, we want a full hero/antihero circle in under 1000 words.
Are you up for the challenge?

Send all completed requirements and submissions to: 

Catt, Minos, and the PFI Crew

P.S. We will keep taking submissions until we post an update with the word STOP. If we are lacking in any section or can't find an artist to capture our cover and section pages, we will post a call for HELP. Please pass the word and keep our little cult mag of five years going strong!
See you at the Comic Cons. -CC