PFI Open for Submissions! New Theme for Halloween: Monster Mashups

Hey, this is Catt, PFI Creator. I am sitting here at my writing desk after a hiatus from promoting my Steampunk novel, and I am thinking about how much I missed our little hot pot of an inferno while I was absent. I can't stay away and hope you can't either. I have to mention that working with the wonderful Steampunk World's Fair creators was an awesome experience. The attendees were great! I get so excited meeting all of you (and even more so when you are dressed up and having fun). Costumes were amazing. Weapons were amazing. PFI and Madame Lola sales...marvelously amazing. Let's cut to the good meat... I want the old time feel of a good horror story. H.P. Lovecraft and the likes. Surprise us here at Philly Flash Inferno. We need this, but we need it new. Your story. Rip it from your little beating chest, stomp on it, put it in a blender, add some spice, and mash that monster-sucker sideways. You can be creative and mix the story with a new theme, but the story has to feel like it is being told through an old time horror voice.
MONSTER MASHUP! Are you hearing me, my little devils? Whatever that means to you...BUT... Rules for Submissions 1) Go to top of this page and take a moment to memorize the guidelines. 2) Go to the sidebar of this page and see what is inappropriate EVEN for OUR Inferno. 3) Go to the archives on this page, bottom sidebar, and click on the issues of long ago, when we were solely online and not in Print/PDF. This will give you creative examples of the golden tickets to our pit. 4) Create your Monster Mashup or Seven Deadlies or Redemption stories. 5) Check all of the above to make sure it applies. 666) Check ten more times to make sure all of the above applies. 7) Submit to with a bio pic (good quality) and bio attached. 8) Be kind and add a nice note and not just a bunch of attachments: Example: "Hello, I am such and such, this is why I think I would be a good fit to drop in your pit. My story, blah, blah, blah is about being brief...and not kidding...and if I had to pick a ring of hell...not kidding again about being it is, oh, gracious Minos, Dark Lord of the Philly Flash Hell. Signed, X."
Go forth and create! I am anxious to see what we hate to love and love to hate. Much Love, Cathy T. Colborn and PFI Crew. *****KEEP SENDING SUBS UNTIL WE POST "STOP"***** P.S. One author copy per accepted submission and a chance to be a Featured Artist/Author for a fifty-dollar stipend chosen by the PFI Editing Team. Bad Luck!-CC