Philly Flash Inferno Announces Its Fall Theme!

And you're cordially invited to (submit to) our (storybook)gathering...
                   Fairy Tales and Fancy Fables

So, some basic etiquette for attending our call:
1) If you start with "Mirror, mirror" and have mirrored an actual tired tale long gone...we might fall into a deep, deep sleep and not be able to respond to you at all. All original tales and fables will be considered along with creative (original) fan fic or nods to classics. Make us feel like the little sick kids we are. Blood and gore are welcomed, but let's make it be worth something. Same with cursing. Sex scenes are okay, but again, same thing. Save mushy love scenes for those paperbacks with musclebound pirates on the cover...not here...we'll flat out puke. We do have "inferno" in our name, but we think that may just be a real hell for us.

2) Treat our header rules for formatting your submission like it's a   REGRETS ONLY...and if you are attending, you don't call us and we don't call you. If you got it right, no need to contact or probably worry. (but we will tell you if you are an honored guest with an acceptance letter. 

3) Treat Minos like he is the bouncer or The Royal King's Guard. Read: "Frequently Burning Inquisitions or Pleadings to Minos" on our sidebar. Don't piss off Minos!If you are cordially uninvited...or...better not think about it... 

4) Booo---to a party with tons of rules, so edit, edit, edit and submit. Submissions are open for original art and photos to fit this theme (please treat submissions like a written submission with clear concise theme/work, high-res photos, and bio with links). All written submissions are open until we post: STOP. A rough timeframe would be sometime in September for a Halloween issue.

We look forward to love-hating your submissions.
As always, The deadlies and redemption themes apply. 

Fare thee well and unhappily ever after,
Catt, Minos, & PFI Team