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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Our Hellish Reading Period is Open Until August 31, 2019

Art: Catt Colborn: From the Deep Blackhole We Arise!
Hello Pit!

Just a hellish reminder that 2019 reading period is OPEN until the end of August, and we are running with the Creatures from the Deep theme (because of last year's hiatus and technical problems), plus any of your vices that you naughty writers like to keep throwing at Minos for some reason. He is rising up from hiatus too and he hasn't had ice coffee yet. He is actually mad that it was hotter in Philly than in Florida (and in the Inferno itself) last week, so please beware! He might be a little feisty at what level he wants to put your submission in (if it doesn't go in the bucket icon in the mail). You tell him where you think it belongs. Don't let him boss you around!

Can't say I'm not curious...will you write the WRATH piece finally? The RAGE? The LUST? Hmmm. Can't wait to see.

I was busy promoting my awesome yeti-man book for a year, Weekly Furapy, available on Amazon or through Bizarro Pulp Press, an imprint of JournalStone Publishing. I posted but I understand the disappointed emails about going on hiatus. It had been a while since I took some time out, so please forgive me. Weekly Furapy is pretty fun and well...

It is pretty...well...UMMmm, different...
...but if you are a friend of PFI you probably know we are all a lot DIFFERENT around here and proud of it!

Get your copy if you have not already. I am super-psyched to get the next issue out. So drop in anything under a thousand words and please don't forget pics and artwork. I am still thinking about cover. It MUST be THEME related, so if you are dabbling, think Creatures of the Deep. If nothing comes in the mail for cover, I get creative and dust off the ol' camera and so does Shawn, Minos, and Jess. I should get an intern, but I better stay focused on this and getting an agent for my next horror book. Shhh-more on that later. Drop me a line in the comments of what you've been writing below or in your subs. I am interested.

Art: CATT C. "Creatures from the DEEP, DEEP, WATER!"

I am really enjoying the current submissions from 2019 and some back submissions that happened when the site went down in the end of 2018. So if you fall into that category and still want in, I guess I will hear when I write you back. Working with blogs, especially this one, for over eight years (plus) now; you're bound to run into a few kinks here and there. Especially, when you are out promoting a novel and working Philadelphia Writers' Conference 2019 and have no idea that the blog site put the webpage on hold because no one has signed into the admin dashboard for a while. I was furious when I went to this site that I just paid to renew (with our paid name) and it was kaput! I'm sure you know what I mean.

RAGE, RAGE, RAGE, RIGHT? We are in the right place for that!

Okay, well I am going to get back to horror and submissions now. Keep killing those lil' monsters, friends. We love throwing them into the pit. Our hell is reopened.